Wednesday, April 21, 2010

really random news

1. According to an article in the Globe andMail, women and men respond very differently when they are on the recieving end of an apology:

“Women who are starved of an apology for rude or hurtful behaviour suffer an increase in blood pressure which can raise the risk of a heart attack or stroke, a study found,” The Daily Telegraph reports. “But those who hear a well-timed ‘sorry’ calm down more quickly, with their blood pressure returning to normal 20 per cent faster, the research showed. Conversely, a man’s blood pressure takes 20 per cent longer to recover after an apology – suggesting men become more worked up after hearing an admission of guilt.”

2. My sister sent me an article from the CBC web site this morning, about a colossal cookbook typo with the subject line "Oops." I've made some pretty big errors by not proofreading properly but this tops it all.

3. My friend, O. posted a story to Facebook today, with the headline "Woman with parrot perched on face arrested after throwing inhaler." Note to self: Don't throw an inhaler while a parrot is standing on your face. You will be arrested.

4. I'm still waiting for my CT scan results, which could be why I'm letting myself be distracted by all this silliness.


Andrea Ross said...

Gee, results are painfully slow, eh?

I was comparing my lump-to-diagnosis-to-treatment times with those of an American breast cancer patient, Kathy, and i was kind of stunned by the differences.

It'll be good news for you, anyway, so just try to enjoy the fabulous spring weather and silly links.

Anonymous said...

I actually heard Gian read it on Q yesterday. FLABBERGASTED to say the least. I can't believe that an editor just slipped that one on by. Wonder if s/he is still working for that Aussie publishing company. That's like an almost $20,000 republishing blunder.

FlippyO said...

Hey, intoxicated or not, it's hard to remove a parrot from your body, if it doesn't want to be removed. I know from experience, and I know I wasn't intoxicated. And duh, why didn't the husband just say that one of the birds chomped on his ear?

Parrots are hard to remove once they've clamped onto your hands (it's usually your hands, not your face - arrrggh, I can't even imagine!) because you want them OFF, but you don't want to hurt them and they're pretty fragile creatures when it comes down to it.

Good luck with your results. As always, I've got my fingers crossed for you.

laurie said...

I got my results! All is well.

Andrea, My lump to diagnosis to treatment times were pretty much like yours - a month between each step. It felt like a lot at the time...

Ginny- I was just as stunned by the fact that the publisher seemed to think that it was a minor mistake and that folks who complained were being unreasonable.

Flippy - I'm sure it really, really hurts to have a parrot attached to any part of your body.

Natacha said...

Regarding #2...Remind me to keep my children away from the people who never receive the "corrected" version of that recipe book!! YIKES