Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Have you ever blogged about the search for a bathing suit?

Are charcoal barbecues worse for our health and the environment than gas barbecues?

How do you organize your time and set priorities so that the most important things get done?

Did you watch Glee last night? Did you think that it wasn't as good as you remember?

How much do you need to spend on a bicycle if you plan to use it to boot around town, a few days a week from spring to late fall and you want it to last a really long time?

How do you take care of coloured hair when you swim regularly?

Also, I dreamed that my cat came back from the dead. Do you remember your dreams? What do you think this one meant?


Andrea Ross said...

Do you think your cat coming back from the dead might have been this.

nonlineargirl said...

I am hoping not to have to buy a new bathing suit for a long while. There is a great place here in town that fits real women ( Pricy, but they will do custom fittings (not sure how that would work as an internet purchase, but it might...

I didn't get to watch Glee because Chris was watching Lost. We both tried to convince one another that the other person could watch it on Wednesday. I lost, since his show started first!

Dreams: I don't believe they are all wish-fulfillment, but maybe this one is, or maybe it is about things you have lost and feel sad about. I dreamed that I woke up in my car at 3 am with Ada in the back (we were waiting for someone and fell asleep). We drove through Providence RI (where I used to live before Ada) and I tried not to let her know I was scared.

Andrea Ross said...

ps. Here is a very cool, inspiring dream I had on Saturday night.

Simon Pope said...

As to the bike, I've got a full size folding bike - a Dahon Jack - pretty much indestructible, great for town and surfing over occasional pot holes and about £300 (sorry, don't know how that converts any more) and looks cool -Plus you can get it in the boot of the car, back or even front seat if you need to (i know, thats not the point of a bike, but its maybe useful to know!)

Anonymous said...

Re: swimwear. I think Forbie Activewear is awesome. They have a lot of modest, practical styles -- just my thing. They do custom suits, too. They're on Churchill in Westboro.


laurie said...

Andrea: I heard the good news about Morry this morning, after I had the dream, so I don't think they were connected. Also, I really liked your dream post - some are easier to deconstruct than others, no?

Nonlineargirl: Thanks for sharing your dream. I think your right you are probably bang on that my dream my is probably about about loss and regret.

Margaret- I found a mastectomy suit yesterday that I'm OK with but I am definitely going to check out Forbie for other stuff. I had never heard of a custom suit until you and NLG mentioned them.

Simon - I have thought about the collapsible bikes but I have a very clear memory of you complaining that they are very hard on the "arse." Ottawa does not have the best maintained streets...

Andrea Ross said...

Laurie, I was actually assuming that your dream had been before the good news.

btw, I'm kind of enthused these days about these newfangled kickbikes for some reason. They're not adjustable, the way real bikes are, but since they have no chain or gears or seat etc they seem like they might be fabulous for shortish commutes. Still, I might be afraid to lock one up anywhere because they're so cool.

JuliaR said...

In answer to two of your questions:

Are charcoal barbecues worse for our health and the environment than gas barbecues?

I don't know but gas is easier for me. I just remember my Dad fiddling with the lighter fluid and waiting forever for the coals to get hot. And I've never really understood the whole charcoal thing because it is already burnt wood!

How much do you need to spend on a bicycle if you plan to use it to boot around town, a few days a week from spring to late fall and you want it to last a really long time?

I think you should be prepared to spend more than $800 for such a bike. I am still making one up in my head. If I ever find all the right parts and get it made, it will be the perfect city bike. In the meantime, a folding bike may be the best bet and I am drooling over one of the Dahons , especially as the MEC will soon carry them!
If that link doesn't work, just Google MEC Dahon bicycles.

My perfect city bike will have the lightest yet sturdy frame with a drop top tube I can find - my main stumbling block so far. That's one of the beauties of the folding bike - the top tube is down around your ankles! I would like to be able to wear a skirt if I wanted to on this bike. But I don't want it to weigh more than 30 pounds. Why should I push all that bike around? The MEC Dahon Origami weighs less than 27 pounds and that includes (I believe) the fenders and racks. It has to have fenders and racks. We have two single Bike Fridays (my husband bought them for himself) and so I know what it feels like to ride a small-wheeled bike. My husband has ridden one of them from here to Kingston and back, towing a trailer for gear behind him! And he rode the other one down the Icefields Parkway in Alberta, so they are sturdy things. Get a shock absorber seat post if you are concerned about your butt. We also have a Bike Friday tandem and rode that for 800 kms around Nova Scotia one summer. SO I am not afraid of the small wheeled bike.

One last things is gear ratios. Ottawa is not as hilly as San Francisco but it has hills enough and you want some good low gears for climbing. Going downhill, you can always coast - it is not necessary to have the racing gears for downhills. They are called "gear inches" in the specs. Check out the Dahon Ciao
( ) - it's lowest gear ratio is 24 inches which is fine for hill climbing. Most touring bikes have a low end of about 20 gear inches which will get you up fairly steep hills, fully loaded. I've only had to bail on a couple of hills and that was when I was riding with about 50 pounds of gear in addition to the 30 pound bike.

laurie said...

Wow Julia! Thanks!!! You and Simon and Andrea all make me want to go bike shopping.
My bike (for which I paid around $600 in 1992) is still perfectly serviceable (especially since I changed the seat) but I day dream about having something lighter and less rattly. Also, I suspect that a `woman`s bike would ease some of the neck and shoulder pains I sometimes feel.
My bike has 21 speeds (still trying to figure out the technical stuff) but I only ever shift with the right hand (I`m always scared of making the chain fall off when I shift with the left), so I think I could get away with fewer gears.
I want my bike to be my main form of transportation and I do enjoy it.

laurie said...

And I just looked up `kickbikes`and they really are cool. I`m intrigued.

Christine said...

I have to jump in and say I agree with you about Glee. I'm great at organizing space (closets, cupboards, etc) but if you figure out how to organize your time to get things done, please let me know. I seem to be further behind then when I was working!

JuliaR said...

"They" say the only thing on a bike that should "rattle" is the chain, and not even that much, if it is set correctly. You can get internal gear hubs that obviate the need for front chain rings! Check out the brand name Sram and look for dual drives or things like.

Dee said...

I think I'll tackle organizing time . ... unfortunately, sometimes time organizes me, by which I mean to say that often I have to conform to others' schedules (students, coworkers, doctors' offices). I have a priority list of things to do, but when I do get a window of opportunity, I think about that list and what I feel like doing. If I don't have the concentration, then I might do busy work. Sometimes, I opt to hang out with friends or family. In a way, I've become kinda zen about my to-do list. I know that the work stuff will get done someday. So, I try not to stress about it. As for lifestyle changes, I try to incorporate one little change at a time - until it becomes routine - and then I try to introduce a new thing. Anyway . . I'm babbling. I hope you have a great day!

Nat said...

I probably have but a post about jeans netted me a free and wonderful pair from Two Girls Dancing.

Not sure about charcoal. But I think I heard something to that effect.

I was lukewarm on Glee, so decided to skip it. Meh.

Bikes are a mystery but for a funky roadster I think about $700.

Coloured Hair: My hairdresser/friend says, wet your hair, then apply cheap conditionner in it. DO NOT RINSE. (Hence it forms a coating on your hair.) Then rinse out with your colour-safe shampoo and conditionner. (Also Redkin makes a product I think.)

Lately I've been dreaming about zombies and my former evil overlords.

Delaney said...

Land's End usually has a good selection of mastectomy suits, although I wasn't thrilled with this years' selection (neck lines seem a bit low). I have gotten some great ones in the past. Although I'm never sure what size I am, so have to order 2 and send one back. You can also check out their overstocks, found a good top there once.