Tuesday, April 20, 2010

buckets of pink sh*t

If you've been reading this blog for a while, then you know how I feel about corporations selling pink crap in the name of "breast cancer." I even have a "don't buy pink crap" tag that use pretty regularly, especially in October.

There have been some pretty awful pink products sold over the years but in launching "Buckets for the Cure," KFC and Susan G. Komen for the Cure have sunk to what may be a new kind of low.

This stupefyingly bad idea was brought to my attention by Clergy Girl, in a post called "Buckets Of Saturated Fat For The Cure" over at Mothers With Cancer. She writes:

This was a sell-out Komen.  Did you ask anyone with breast cancer how they would feel seeing that big pink greasy bucket of chicken?  Was someone going to lose their job if you didn’t raise cash quick?  I really don’t get it?  Research also shows smoking and alcohol consumption are clear links to cancer, so why not team up with Marlboro or Bud Beer?  It’s not just about money, and quite frankly, don’t raise money on the backs of research that is clearly linking to cancer promotion.  Please!
Shame on Komen for lending it's name to this outrage.


Anonymous said...

Argh! I saw that commercial the other day with my daughter and we both near got sick! Me because KFC litteraly does make me sick and her because she couldn't understand how something so laden with grease could be a selling point for fighting breast cancer. She's only in sixth grade mind you!

I agree with you. Komen sold out. That's low.

Ana Marie said...

while i do agree that corporate junkyards like kfc use cancer as a way to promote sales.. i also think that awareness is awareness and i will get what i can take... i walk every susan g koman walk and will raise cash for any cancer cause... my big FU to the man is that i MAKE my own awareness shirts and swag... i don't buy awareness i am awareness

Wendy said...

I had the SAME reaction when my husband told me last weekend about the KFC/Komen partnership. No joke, I said "shame on Komen!"

The chicken sold at KFC is the worst of the worst in terms of quality. Forget about the fact that it's deep fried. I'm talking about the amount of hormones pumped into the product. GROSS! What the hell is Komen thinking?

Thanks for posting this!

Brenda said...

Its so upsetting.

nonlineargirl said...

You'd think marketing people (on both sides) would think for a moment about what they are doing. Then again, if it is that brainless to be in marketing, maybe I should switch careers and make a bunch of money. "My Kids' Broken Toys for the Cure" anyone?

laurie said...

Thanks for all your comments. Thanks for getting it - the KFC/Komen is gross on so many levels.
And Ana Marie, I love the idea of making your own swag.

Maris said...

I can't agree with you more on how heartless these companies are to use cancer awareness as a promotional campaign theme! Actually, whether or not they ride on it, it would hardly do anything to boost their sales. Moreover, it appears downright hypocritical to endorse products that do nothing to better the lives of cancer-stricken people.

FlippyO said...

I hadn't seen this, but if I had, I would've been disgusted. I'm getting pretty sick of the pink shit, too. I would rather that people just donate their money without needing to get anything in return, except a damned cure.

POD said...

Yes! This burned my ass...I loved what you wrote! I found it by Christine's blog (?) But I was stunned when I heard this. As I wrote as comment to Christine, these corporations are riding cancer's coattails and it's sickening. Anytime anyone wants to donate money, just give, don't buy crap so KFC can give a plug nickel to cancer research. It's bad enough that obesity is a risk factor.

I had a uterine cancer diagnosis. Our color is beige. How pathetic is that!?

When I was at Safeway and they asked me if I wanted to donate to prostate cancer, I asked when they'd be asking us to donate for vaginal cancer and anal cancers? These cancers don't get money because the anus isn't as pretty as some other body parts.
(Okay, I'll shut up now. Got to get to KFC before they close (down permanently).

Dee said...

I had the same reaction . . . I have a t-shirt that my sister got me that says, "Find a cure. Pink is not my color!" Pretty tired of pink . . . and the marketing!

Rebe said...

I hate how they've taken a perfectly pretty color, and one that looks darn good on me, and hobbled it with a cause.

I wear pink because I like pink, not because I have cancer... though I do have cancer... so... should I stop wearing pink??