Tuesday, June 09, 2009

through the years

I missed doing a birthday post for S. this year. His birthday was on May 10 and he turned 11.

My beautiful, sweet boy is on the cusp of adolescence. He is smart, funny and talented and a really good person.

These attributes will serve him well as he navigates the waters ahead.

It does seem like only yesterday, though that he was typing on his first keyboard.





Bhuvana said...

Lovely pics! Happy birthday S! Hope your day was wonderful. He looks a lot like you Laurie in the earliest picture (1998)

Nat said...

Happy Birthday to S.

zoom said...

Great series of photos. He sounds like a very special person. A lot like my son, actually.

The Maven said...

It's incredible how fast they grow. 12 has been an interesting year for Intrepid - and his parents! We're starting to see the man he'll become, buried deep beneath the hormonal fluctuations.

Happy belated birthday, S! :)

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

Happy Birthday S!

It is great to see photos like this. YOu can see how far they've come :)

So beautiful.