Tuesday, June 30, 2009

recipe for low-tech fun

1. Take down kids' playhouse that has been up for almost a decade.

2. Leave dogs unsupervised in back yard.

3. Set two six year old boys up with sprinkler and water slide.

4. Leave six year old boys unsupervised for two minutes.

5. Find small lake filling hole previously dug by dogs.

6. Consider becoming annoyed but remember how much fun you had playing in the mud as a kid.

7. Sit and knit while boys dip their hands in the water.

8. Watch as boys wade into mud hole.

9. Listen to imagination game as boys run mud through their fingers.

10. Observe the inevitability of mud in fingers leading to mud covering bodies and faces.

11. Intervene only when mud is being flung against the house.

12. Watch boys rinse mud off house.

13. Interrupt game only when it is time to leave.

14. Ignore pleas for five more minutes.

15. Hose boys down.

16. Drop one boy off at home.

17. Apologize for mud encrusted in ears and other places.

18. Smile every time you think of those two boys covered in mud.


nonlineargirl said...

Yay, mud!

The Maven said...

That is AWESOME! You are too cool, Laurie.

Jen said...

After two girls and now a 2 year old boy, I totally needed that post today! He is so unbelievably messy. I needed a reminder that it is totally OK!

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

LOL! MUD is good for the skin...they got aspa treatment and didn't know it :)


karlien said...

just like the dead sea..

laurie said...

They had SO MUCH FUN. And they would have kept going for hours.
My kids need more chances for that kind of unstructured play.