Wednesday, December 31, 2008

what does this say?

Someone gave this second hand t-shirt to my 10 year old son a few days ago. It's never been worn and still has the tags on it. It's a really nice shirt but we all agree that he can't wear it until we all know what it is he is proclaiming to "love."

We've established that it is Japanese. It came from here but the web site does not offer up any translations.

So - do any of you read Japanese?

Updated: Perhaps it isn't Japanese, despite coming from a Japanese company. A couple of people have suggested it looks like Arabic. I have no idea. Thoughts?


Kirbycairo said...

Hey - Kirby here (Sylvia's partner)

I think it is sanskrit (although sanskrit letters usually run together.) I say this because the first letter looks like a 'ta', the third one could be 'dha,' and the forth one could be 'da'. I don't read sanskrit but if it is sanskrit it probably says I love Vishnu or Rama or something like this.

laurie said...

Thanks!! It's kind of a fun puzzle.

The Maven said...

I'm SO glad you know better than to let him wear it before figuring out what it says. I'm laughing just contemplating the possibilities! The good news is that it can't possibly be as horrid as what my ignorant, bilingual mind is coming up with :P

Anonymous said...

It looks like Japanese, but it's written in Kana. (

With a bit of time, I'm sure I could find someone who can translate it, if you still need help. First, I need a nap, but then I'll start looking around. If you find the translation in the meantime, please post it.

I do enjoy weird challenges. ;)

Anonymous said...

My sister sent me a link to your post - it is Japanese. It basically says "I love" or "I love you" but it's using "degozaru" which an older form of "degozaimasu". It's just an indication of politeness. My roommate likened it to "I love thee."

It may or may not be inspired by Rurouni Kenshin, a Japanese comic, in which the main character is constantly polite to the point of being annoying.

Anonymous said...

Hey Laurie,

^ Mikan is my sister :-)
She studied Japanese in college.

laurie said...

thank you all so much!! going to post about this now!

Mom2Amara said...

Laurie, I'm loving the power of the internet and how quickly an answer found you!