Monday, June 05, 2006

friends don't let friends knit stoned

So I picked up my knitting needles yesterday evening. This is always a sign to me that I am starting to climb out of the trough, but I think I may have been a little optimistic.

I am knitting a garter stitch shawl (for non-knitters this means that I knit every row, over and over, gradually increasing stitches until I have a shawl), so I figured that even though I was feeling pretty stoned from all the chemo drugs, the pattern was simple enough that I should be able to knit away without screwing anything up.

I was wrong. I will now have to spend more time fixing my mistakes than I spent making them. Sigh.

Someone step up and stop me before I do this again, OK?

p.s.: For my knitting readers (and I know you're out there), the yarn is from Fleece Artist, in Halifax ( and I am knitting with the Goldilocks. You can see why this is going to be a huge pain to tink (knit backwards) and redo, even if it is just a couple of rows.

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