Monday, January 09, 2012

makes me happy

As a way to ease myself out of my winter ennui, my therapist suggested I do some journalling about the things that make me happy. Some of those things are probably evident to anyone who knows me even a little:

Hanging out with my kids.

Laughing with my sweetie.

Watching my dog run in the snow.

Riding my bike.

Reading a good book.

Being in a yarn store with money to burn.

But when I dug a little deeper, I came up with some things that are a little less obvious:

The moments of real connection that can pass between friends and strangers.

Having a good idea.

Eating a healthy, tasty meal I've made myself.

Clicking the "Publish" button on a good blog post.

Getting positive feedback about my writing, especially from other writers.

Looking forward to a trip, whether near or far.

Texting with my BFF.

And, perhaps not surprisingly, it turns out that writing about what makes me happy...makes me happy.


Nat said...

I do love this so. I'm reconnecting with my inner writer.... good to take stalk.

Susan @Whymommy said...


Nancy's Point said...

It always comes back to the writing doesn't it? Greatest therapy around.

Lene Andersen said...

focusing on the happy is good. Love your list.

Beth L. Gainer said...


Great lists!! And writing tends to make bloggers happy, doesn't it? Keep doing what makes you happy...

Anonymous said...


You have no idea the happiness that just your blog headline gave me! My partner was diagnosed with aggressive intraocular melanoma at 38 and has recently been told that it has metastasized to his liver and heart.

As I find myself less hopeful, your site has reversed that!

So much gentleness and strength to you today!

laurie said...

And one other thing: all your kind, supportive comments made me happy!