Monday, October 31, 2011

questions off the grid

 Last week, I spent several days in a cabin on a very quiet island in Northern Ontario. It was bliss.

We were also completely offline. No phone, no electricity, no internet. I didn't mind one bit but it did serve to underline how often I have come to rely on Mr. Google to provide information. Here are just a few of the questions that went unanswered:

What is the weather forecast?

What is fracking?

How do I knit cables without making holes in my knitting?

What are the health benefits of okra?

What are the ingredients in sweet potato pie?

What dogs are in the high risk group for bloat?

Is there a specific person assigned to travel with the Stanley Cup?  (The internet has failed me on this one! One link said there are three Hall of Fame staff who travel with the Cup but when I clicked through to the the article itself, the info was not included).


Lene Andersen said...

I love following the path of your conversations. Pretty nifty.

No electricity?? Not sure I could live through that. Aside from my wheelchair running out of battery.... ;)

Karlien said...

l'oreal bought the body shop.... Roddick sold out?

nancyspoint said...

I was wondering how it went. Love the dog photos! I agree with Lene, not sure I would want to go without electricity! Good for you for doing just that and more!

laurie said...

We had gas lights, stove and fridge and the wood stove made it very warm! It didn't feel like roughing it. :-) although unless they've invented a propane wheel chair battery...Lene you raise a good point. Also the boat - how heavy is your chair?
And yes, Karlien - a few years ago now.