Wednesday, October 05, 2011

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Throughout BREAST CANCER AWARENESS month, I'm going to be featuring posts from around the web that really resonate with me on the subject of pinkwashing.

"This is how "In Jersey / Jersey Shore Magazine" depicts what they think is important for the women of the Jersey Shore area to know about breast cancer...On page 52 we're treated to a Tickled Pink fashion spread of glossy made-up survivors in their breast cancer charity of choice t-shirts and then bedazzled in all manner of pink ribbon accessories and jewellery all available for purchase at listed stockists. As for the copy; here's my personal favorite..."showcased here in an array of pink items, they show a verve and vitality that is the essence of the spirit of all survivors...." Nothing says verve and vitality like a $139.95 Sparkle Strong Breast Cancer Survivor Necklace I guess!"

If you want to understand more about living with metastatic breast cancer and why some of us bristle (and even rage) about all the pink crap, check out the info on the right side of the blog. Well written, informative and entertaining. This blog is well worth reading.


CancerCultureChronicles said...

Thanks for the shout out Laurie. My blood almost boiled over when I received that magazine in the mail. For me, it epitomizes everything that is wrong with pink culture. Best wishes, Rachel.

breast cancer treatment said...

Thanks for the informative links shared. Do stay in touch and Keep posting.

Anonymous said...

I just found you in a breast cancer blog search. I was diagnosed this past April at the age of 36. I had a bilateral mastectomy and implant reconstruction. I am returning back to work in a week in a half after 6 months leave of absence. I was blessed not to have to endure radiation or chemo. I have had my blog Your Happy Hearts since 2009 as I loved working out and helping other women with their health until mine snuck up on me. Thank you for your blog. It's very inspirational and I am going to find you on Facebook and look into more on your book. God Bless.

cancer + joy perspecitive said...

Thanks for the information. People really need to be aware of the "pink" scams. Keep up the good work.
My website seeks to encourage those going through cancer and other life-changing events - all from a Christian perspective.