Friday, March 26, 2010

inside laurie's head

saying "no" to:

beating myself up

people who make me feel bad about myself

feeling ashamed

hiding from people who love me

giving into my fears


Saying "yes" to:

spending time with the people who fill me up

reading for pleasure

tapping my own creative resources

trying new things


talking to my Mom more often

giddy about:

all the great books that are available to read

the way my kids and spouse make me laugh until I cry

dog bellies and snouts

the potential of things I could knit

the thought that I am a Writer

scared of:


not being able to read, or write, walk my dogs or play with my kids

writing fiction and discovering that I don't have the talent for it

anything bad happening to someone I love

deeply inspired by: 

beautiful prose

my sister

my friends

my kids

being in love

obsessed with:

the clutter in my house (not that I do anything about it)

wondering where the day goes

finding peanut and nut alternatives

thinking about things I could knit (as opposed to actual knitting)

tracking what books i read and planning what books i'm going to read next


in love with:


my boys

the dogs

feeling the sun on my face on a warm spring day

saved by:

blogging and my journal

world class health care


the people who love me

good chocolate

finding a reason every day to be happy.

and you?

Thanks to Mocha Momma and Dancing Mermaid for inspiring me to do this.


Nat said...

Oh, I love this... consider it stolen. :)

Capital Mom said...

This was beautiful.
All good things. Very good things.

Christine said...

saying "no" to: over-committing and rushing from ‘thing’ to ‘thing’

saying "yes" to: making more time to read

giddy about: my son’s upcoming visit

scared of: not death, but the process of being sick and dying

deeply inspired by: you (Laurie) and other bloggers who share your stories

obsessed with: purging “stuff” from my home

in love with: my dog Katey

saved by: my community of women friends

Christine said...

Re the clutter: there's a Canadian show on every morning at 7:30 called Neat. I have a cup of tea and watch it most days for inspiration. A trip to Nepal in 2000 made me question why I have so much 'stuff' and I've been a recovering packrat ever since.

laurie said...

Nat- Can't wait to read yours. CM - thanks so much and Christine - Thank you so much for sharing yours. I was very moved. And if I'm ever not rushing around after the kids at 7:30...maybe I should tape it...

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

Oh I am so doing this...RIGHT NOW!

You rock! I feel you on so many of those.... I have some of the same feelings,

laurie said...

Hey Babz! Can't wait to read yours.