Wednesday, July 01, 2009

and then it just got even more canadian around here

photo: A Kaplan-Myrth

Because every Canadian finds a Mountie on their front lawn on Canada Day.

The food was good, the beer was cold and their was maple syrup in the salad dressing. Now the dogs are being driven crazy by the fireworks.

It's been a good one.


Unknown said...

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Nat said...

We didn't get any mountie shots this year.

Why does that sound like I'm shooting a porno?

Beth said...

That's awesome! Wish a mountie stopped by my place yesterday!

laurie said...

LOL. Pretty cute, too, no?

MoninaW said...

For the non-Canadian, why was there a mountie on your front lawn??

laurie said...

LOL! He was a friend or relative of our friends' neighbours. He dropped by in full dress uniform as a surprise for the kids.
My son asked to see his gun but he told them he'd left it at home. I'm thankful for that. Who wants a gun at a Canada Day barbecue?

Mary (MPJ) said...

I love it!