Friday, February 20, 2009

when life gives you lemons

A couple of weeks ago (has it really been that long?), Nonlinear Girl, presented me (and a few other bloggers with the Lemonade Award.

What it's supposed to mean is that the recipients have been handed some lemons by life and have gone on to make lemonade. I love Nonlinear Girl's blog. I met her at BlogHer last year and have been reading ever since. She seems like someone I would hang out with if we lived closer to each other (she's in Portland and I'm in Ottawa), except that she's smarter and more talented than I am.

She's also expecting twins in a month or two. I am thrilled for her and in awe.

But back to the award. Recipients are supposed to tag ten other bloggers but I think I am going to follow Nonlinear Girl's lead and just choose a few bloggers I like, who write bravely, humourously and well about their lives and the obstacles they have had to overcome. There is no pressure on any of them to pass this on, I just enjoy them and think you will too.

So the award goes to:


Princess TinyButt


The Maven


Princess Tinybutt said...

wow laurie thanks! i really appreciate you. hey, the sun finally came out, so i'm sending you some of my sunshine! and warmth - it's gonna be around 70 degrees!


nonlineargirl said...

I don't know about the smarts/talent thing, but I too am so glad that I got to meet you at blogher. (hope my recent super-wonky email was not too annoying - get me started talking about health reform and there is no telling when I will stop.)

Anonymous said...

Sara passed away 3/28/09