Thursday, May 15, 2008

bloggers unite for human rights

May 15 is the day that bloggers around the world unite to speak up for human rights (you can find out what some BlogHer contributors have chosen to write about by following this link).

I have been thinking all day about what I would like to contribute.

I visited the Amnesty International site and added my voice to their campaigns about human rights violations in China and in Guantanamo Bay.

I thought about my friend Eve Goldberg and how she wrote a song and then offered it to Amnesty to use in its campaign to end human rights violations in Burma.

And I thought about my own country where:

Far too many children still go to school hungry.

First Nations Peoples are still treated like second class citizens.

and my government has been complicit in many gross abuses of human rights (here's another example).

And I was thinking today that it's been a while since I have done much to address these injustices.

I vote.

I sign online petitions.

Sometimes I donate money.

And I can talk a good game.

All of these things are important but I think it's time that I resolve to do more. All too often, I let the opportunity to speak out, call my MP or write a letter slip by me. I simply assume that someone else is on top of it.

I resolve to take a little more action, step up and speak out when I get the chance. It only takes a few minutes to call my MP and only a few more to write a personal letter. And I can write more, right here in this blog about human rights at home and abroad.

I'll think a bit more on all of this and get back to you.

And speaking of human rights, good news coming out of California today, no?

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Anonymous said...

Funny thing, Laurie, I was thinking about this very same topic off and on for about a year and, most recently, about hunger among Canadian and American children just today. To think that in this part of the world, where there is the abundance and over-availability of so many things for so many people, children are hungry right in the middle. This is one injustice I intend to do more to combat.

B in T