Wednesday, January 09, 2008


No chemo this week.

Vinorelbine and Herceptin next week.

And then back to my regular schedule.

We talked for a while about how the importance (and uncertainty) of finding the balance between keeping the cancer at bay (and staying in remission) and giving me the highest quality of life possible. And because we are, in many ways, covering new ground (and cancer treatment is so individual, as is cancer for that matter), there is a bit of guesswork involved in figuring out where that balance lies.

I'll write more tomorrow, when the house is quiet and I'm less tired.

I'll relax completely once I have next week's chemo booked but I am feeling relieved. And I am enjoying the surprise week off from treatment.

And depending on the results of my next CT (set for February 13th), I can look forward to more breaks in the coming months.


deb said...

Yah! Glad the appointment went well. Booking the chemo will be a breeze (she says with fingers and toes crossed)!

Anonymous said...

What a relief to have sorted out the mess! Enjoy the week.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, breaks...but no, you're a mom. LOL

Chris said...

Sending all good thoughts and prayers your way. You're gonna get it figured out, sounds like you already have. I think of you every day and admire your intelligent attitude torward this thing called cancer that leaves tears and heartache where it lives. You have learned the most important lesson, make your own destiny, don't let it decide, it dosen't have that right... C

Mom2Amara said...

Yes I know I'm late in reading this post. But I wanted to let you know that you are waaaaay too nice!

Me? I would have been yelling up a storm.

You? You go to yoga because you are rational, calm, and good natured.

Sorry you had to go thru all of that because of someone's error. But I'm glad you were able to sort it out.