Monday, January 07, 2008

get angry, take action and then take some deep breaths

More balls were dropped.

My file sat on someone's desk for days.

Everyone's busy blaming each other.

No chemo tomorrow.

Doctor on Wednesday morning.

Chemo scheduled for Thursday.

I have no intention of going to chemo on Thursday.

This is what I am planning to propose to my doctor: Cancel chemo for this week and pick up again next Tuesday. This will put me back on my current schedule (I would miss a week of vinorelbine) and mean that I won't have to re-arrange all my plans for the next several months because someone screwed up.

Yes, I am pissed.

And I have communicated really clearly how I want things to go.

But I don't see the point in yelling at anyone, especially as I need to keep these people on my side in the future.

The way I see it, they owe me one.

And I think they see it that way, too.


I am trying to let go of the stress of not knowing what my doctor will say, taking deep breaths and getting on with my life.

To that end, I went to yoga today.

My mind wandered a fair bit but I was physically there.

Breathing deep, deep breaths and doing what I need to take care of myself.


deb said...

sounds like a fine plan. I'm sure your doctor will see the logic in all of it. Keep breathing! :)

Lovebabz said...

Now go and have some kinky sex with your Man. I mean you are up to it right. Nothing says stress-be-gone like steamy sex. Ok, then have s nice piece of chocolate--the good stuff! And keep some on hand when you need it. You done good today kid. You kicked enough ass to let em' know your no cupcake! Now take a prisoner---preferably your husband!

MamaBunny said...

what??? your file languished on someone's desk?
I hope you can get the schedule back on track.

bella said...

This is angering. I feel you.
May you continue to find those deep breaths.

hotshuz said...

Better woman that I. I would STILL be screaming. But on a positive, a vacation from treatment for a week?? not sure if this is ok.

Chris said...

Glad you sorta got it straightened out. I am sorry you had this added stress through no fault of your own. Whoever was responsible surely does own you one..Hang in there. You are so strong, and have so much control. I am afraid I would have flipped on them. Maybe I need some anger management training. I have no patience anymore with anyone,especially people who wrong me....You are a saint..C

Rebe said...

I always wondered why chemo centers weren't open on weekends. A few more hours to take care of business, and maybe let some of us have a normal life, would be nice.

thejunkyswife said...

Yoga is good stuff, huh?