Monday, September 04, 2006


Cancer treatment is a very strange thing. The purported cures come with a whole host of side effects that I'm convinced are not fully understood by anyone.

I know a woman who was travelling abroad to celebrate the end of treatment. One day, she noticed that her treated breast had turned brown.

On her return home, she consulted her radiation oncologist, who insisted that this change could not have been brougth on by treatment.

She raised the subject with an alternative practiotioner, who said, "Don't ask your doctors. Ask other women."

The next time her support group met, this women mentioned what had happened to her breast. Four of the twelve women in the group had experienced the same thing. None had told their doctors.

Brown breasts, blistered skin, blackened toenails and bald heads.

Sometimes I think we haven't come that far since the days when people were treated with leeches.

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Francesca said...

Hello, I finished rads,on June 2,2005. My right breast did turn brown,but it didn't scare me. It was like a sunburn,that turns into a tan. Don't worry it goes away. In fact, when I had my mammogram this past April, my doctor said my breast is getting back to normal
I was blessed,my nails only turned to a tan color also, but they grow out and now they are pink and strong again. It's a hard year that we go through, and the second year,it really hits home,BUT IT DOES GET BETTER.