Monday, January 20, 2014

it's getting to me

The days are short and dark. It's cold and icy. And we've all been sick for weeks. I'm finding winter hard this year.

Yet I feel healthier today than I have in weeks. I need to get outside in daylight hours. I need to get moving.

I'm trying to develop a more positive attitude towards winter. Maybe I'll even grab my skates and go check out the canal. It's time to embrace winter.

Or maybe I should join a gym. Read a good book. Watch Netflix while I knit.

Or bury my head under the covers until it's over.

What do you do to cope with winter?



Catherine said...

The canal sounds like a nice idea. Really anything that gets you moving and is outside will probably help (even better with that Netflix addition.) No matter what you decide on, I hope you feel better soon. I also hope the Jan. Thaw comes back!

tccomments2013 said...

you did it! love the skating photo. we have icy cold here, too, and I am finding that just taking a walk down our road around our neighborhood is providing breaths of fresh air and at least some exercise for both me and my Sadie-girl dog. THEN I love to read in bed and get sleepy and take a good nap. I hope you felt much better after your time outdoors - winter doldrums and having a nasty bug is no fun.

much love and light,


sassymonkey said...

You are going to be horrified but I've never been on skating on the Canal. Me and cold are a bad combo. (Remember the time I during the bus strike I got frostbite? While wearing a hat? With earflaps? Sigh.)

This is the first year we're trying to escape winter for a week with a trip south. I'm so happy at the thought of being warm for a whole week I could cry.

Holly Bruns said...

Yay for skating! You look very much like you have made friends with winter in that photo. I cook! And visit with friends as much as possible.

laurie said...

The skate helped my mood a lot. Today might be a bit too cold for that, though. Cooking is a great idea. Going to see if I can cope with taking the dog out and I also cry at the thought of getting out of here.

laurie said...

I did it! And I need to get out again. Yesterday's dog walk involved: wool sweater under winter coat, long johns under fleece pants, balaclava under earflap hat, 2 scarves and my hood. I just need warmer mittens.

s.e. said...

Double up the mittens too:)

Holly Bruns said...

Yay for walks. I too bundled up and went for a lunchtime walk yesterday and it was actually really beautiful to see the sun. Happy cooking. I've been making soups.