Monday, February 27, 2012

lost my mojo

Mid-winter blues.


No new ideas ("said it all before" syndrome).

Too much loss.

Whatever the reason, I have not felt much like blogging (or doing any writing) lately. 

I couldn't even muster up the energy to blog about the recent Komen debacle (although I took it all in with great interest).

And I can barely bring myself to think about Rachel (a scathingly brilliant and funny anti-pinkwashing activist and kindred spirit) or Susan (an equally brilliant leader, founder of Mothers With Cancer and mother of two young boys) without becoming undone. They deserve the kind of tributes others have written but I can only say who devastated I am that cancer has taken two more wonderful women.

So, I've been taking a break. 

And fallen out of the habit.

I think I might be ready to come back soon. Or to get back to writing down some thoughts.

And spring will come soon too.

Meanwhile, please know that all my latest tests have been gloriously normal. I'm doing OK. I just need to get past this dry spell, so I can return to writing with joy and enthusiasm.


KOB said...

EB White (Charlotte's Web) said he always had one dry martini "just to give me the courage to get started...after that I am on my own.."

Just kidding! I don't have any tips--just wanted to say you are an awesome writer and hope you get back in the groove when you feel like it.

ROck on

Nancy's Point said...

You haven't lost your "mojo." Everything has an ebb and flow to it, even our writing. Sometimes we have to take breaks. Sometimes we have to cut ourselves some slack. Sometimes we must be patient and wait it out until things "flow" again. I haven't been able to write about my friend, Rachel, yet. The time's not right. Write when you can. We readers are pretty patient.

Finola said...

We will all be here for, and when you have your mojo back.
Hugs to you.

laurie said...

Thanks so much to all 3 of you. I appreciate your words so much - and I'm considering the martini...

Lene said...

sometimes, so many other things are going on that suck the well dry. Or make you not want to connect to that part deep within. Or leave you needing to process. We'll be here when you're ready.

Allie said...

I think your mojo joined my mojo on a Eurpoean river cruise with stops in every ancient and glorious city. They're having so much fun they forgot to send postcards back.
And yes, spring will come.


deb said...

Laurie, We all need some time away from certain activites. When you are ready, your readers will be here. Much love!