Monday, November 14, 2011

what i did on my november vacation

We just got back last night from our post Little Pink Houses of Hope road trip and I'm just too tired to put together very many coherent sentences. I'll write more later this week but I wanted to tell you all that my family had unbelievably fabulous time in Myrtle Beach.

Here are just some of the things I did:

Discovered real fried chicken and North and South Carolina barbecue and banana pudding.

Gained four pounds.

Spent time in the sun on the beach, walking, playing and just sitting around.

Enjoyed the glorious weather.

Learned how to hula dance and watched a man swallow fire.

Read 575 pages of a book and still have 1000 to go.

Went fishing without touching a pole and had a glorious time.

Blew off NaBloPoMo. I was having to good a time to waste it hunting down wifi.

Went to a concert with celebrity look-alikes who weren't dressed in drag.

Dressed up to have my photo taken.

Learned that southern hospitality is a wonderful thing.

Met many wonderful people.

Enjoyed my beautiful family.

Went for walks by myself.

Relaxed, unwound and chilled out.

Felt supported, cared for, spoiled and restored.

I am so grateful to Jeanine, Melissa and all the wonderful volunteers, donors and families who make Little Pink Houses of Hope such a wonderful experience.


Anonymous said...

So wonderful to read of your fun, contentment and joy. What a terrific trip. Some day, you'll have to tell us more about the people, the auspices, the setting and about Myrtle Beach; we may all need to see it for ourselves.


B in T

Anonymous said...

So good to see you back happy and relaxed.I love reading your blog. We just lost another wonderful blogger Wave Geber "Wavesworld". Wave passed away on Nov.4th. She was an avid reader and contributor to

CancerCultureChronicles said...

Lovely post Laurie. Barring no more bouts of medical instability I too am about to set off on a weeks vacation to warmer climes. I blew off treatment so I could go telling my oncologist that I was taking a vacation from cancer. He just laughed and told me to have a great time. I intend to!

Ann said...

Great to hear - you deserve a good time. Ax

Lene Andersen said...

sounds glorious! Looking forward to hearing more details, but so glad you spent it having a good time instead of writing.

(I quit Kispy Kreme donuts. Used to be a place very close to me. It's like crack)

Eileen said...

congratulations!!! you are an inspiration... obviously you are living in the moment, and the moment is wonderful!

laurie said...

B: I will happily tell you all. It was warm, the ocean was beautiful and our hosts were lovely.
K: I love reading your blog, too! So sorry to hear about your friend and fellow traveller.
CCC: ENJOY that vacation. These things are so important and they don't happen enough.
Ann, Lene and Eileen: Thanks so much. I know you all "get it". xo

Patricia DeFosse said...

What you did on your November vacation is exactly what I am trying to get the followers of my blog to do- make the most of the time that you are given, for life is too short to be anything but happy! You truly are an inspiration to many, so keep writing! People do listen, and the things that you have to say have an impact on others lives without you even realizing it! Spending time with your family is the most rewarding thing you can do under the circumstances, not only for yourself but also for them too. You should check out the Being Cancer Network if you have not already. It is a great place to share your story and have your blog linked to other pages so more people can be inspired by your words of wisdom.