Thursday, February 10, 2011

the dog ate it

My 12 year old has been asking for a Blu-Ray player. 

We've informed him, many times, that given our current need for fiscal restraint, this kind of luxury is not in the cards, for the time being.

This morning, he and I were cuddling with the dog and talking about how much we love her. S. asked about her ongoing skin issues and when she's going to start her latest hypoallergenic diet. 

Me: "When the new food arrives at the vet."

S.: "Poor Lucy."

Me (sensing a "teachable moment"): "We had another big vet bill this week. Enough to pay for several Blu-Ray players."

S.: "Really?"

Me: "Yup. She's not the reason that finances are tight but she's one of our priorities. We love her and we have a responsibility to take care of her. The food, medicine and tests - it all adds up."
S. (grinning affectionately at Lucy): "So the dog ate my Blu-Ray."

He's a good kid.


Jeanne Sather said...

Great post. Great kid!


laurie said...

Thanks Jeanne!

Dee said...

Your son is too too funny! Way to make light of the situation . . . .

laurie said...

He and is Dad and his little bro are all very funny guys.

nancyspoint said...

Laurie, This is the stuff life is made of! Just great. I love the pictures.