Monday, September 13, 2010

a light has gone out

I just learned the very sad news that Christine Lynds passed away last Friday.

Chris was a strong, smart woman, who inspired and gave hope to so many people who's lived had been affected by cancer. We shared an oncologist and I appreciated her outlook towards living with advanced breast cancer.

I was also more than a little in awe of her. She was active and fit and a true community activist. The first time I met Christine in person, she had brought a posse of women who'd lived through breast cancer to my book launch. The second time I met her, she came to collect a prosthetic breast that I no longer wore so that it could find a new home with a friend of hers. We sat and drank coffee on my couch and talked about our boys and our dogs.

I know that she loved to organize people and projects and that she had many loyal friends to whom she was very committed. And I know that there are legions of people by whom she will be sorely missed.
Christine's blog was called "The Edge of Light." The world is a little darker without her in it.


Dee said...

A nice tribute, Laurie. Damn cancer.

laurie said...

Dee- My sentiments exactly.

a said...

I'm so sorry to learn this.

Finola said...

A lovely post. So sorry to hear.

Lene said...

She sounds like a wonderful person. So sorry.

Forty Pound Sack said...

So sorry for your loss. Chris sounds like an amazing person.