Thursday, October 19, 2006

gifts that cancer gave me

Cancer is not a gift. It is an evil scourge and I am still really pissed off that I got it.

But someone asked me this evening if I write every day and I said, "Yes. That's the gift that cancer gave me."

Here, in fairness to Cancer, are some other things it gave me (which doesn't mean I'm not still working on kicking its ass):
  1. The knowledge that humour can be found in the darkest places.
  2. A renewed appreciation for the people who love me.
  3. A sense of confidence in myself and my ability to face new and tough challenges.
  4. Perspective.
  5. An abiding love for a good pedicure.

1 comment:

amanda said...

AMEN! I second the line about the dark humor. Eric and I gained a sense of humor so black that I think it disturbed other people. Hell, I still laugh at things that make other people just look at me. Oh, well, they can think that I'm crazy...humor is a hell of a coping tool.